You May Be Eligible for Idaho Power Rebates and Incentives

Idaho Power Rebates and Other Incentives for Going Ductless

You May Be Eligible for Idaho Power Rebates and Other Incentives for Going Ductless

So one of the great things about going Ductless is that you may qualify for Idaho power rebates and incentives and rebates and incentives from Mitsubishi as well. Not to mention, there are some federal tax credits as well that you might be eligible for. So in, in addition to increasing your comfort, breathing better and saving money every month on your utility, you could also get help obtaining your rebate here at SHANCO, as we’ll make sure that you get all the rebates and the incentives that you qualify for. You’re going to definitely get them, and it’s not one of these deals where we say, “Hey, there’s all these rebates…” And then you have to do all that paperwork yourself. We actually have a designated person in the office that knows these incentives, backwards and forwards, and she can help every single step of the way. And a lot of times all we need, is just your signature on the form, we’ll submit it, talk to the appropriate office(s) where we need to get the incentives from.

And we have a really good relationship with them as well. So, you know, the utility companies in our area, love giving rebates for Ductless units because they save so much energy and it really helped them during their peak power demand times. So some of their rebates, that you may qualify for are

  • if you’re going from baseboard or radiant ceiling electric heat
  • electric wall heaters
  • etcetera

Remember, you could be eligible for up to $750 from Idaho power! We can come out and help to see if you qualify for that or not. Mitsubishi also has some rebates during certain times of the year and the federal tax credit as well is something to look into. So, just remember we won’t drop the ball after the install, so instead we’ll make sure, you know about all the programs you qualify for and help you every single step of the way to make sure that you actually get those rebates in your pocket.

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