Airbnb Made Comfortable with Ductless in Boise 83702

Indoor Head Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Mini Split System Boise 83702 - 4

The owner of this property was looking for a solution for her Airbnb. There were three separate Airbnb rentals on the same property. Some of the time they were rented out separate, and other times they were rented out all together. The main house had a current Minisplit that was not a Mitsubishi. The owner had multiple problems over the last few years and was looking for something that was reliable that she would not have to worry about.
The other two dwellings had electric baseboard heat (expensive) and window ac units (noisy and expensive and not very appealing to the eye).
We came up with an amazing solution with Mitsubishi ductless systems. In total we installed 4 outdoor units and 6 indoor heads. We also installed kumo cloud® and the app so that the owner could control the temperature from her phone when she was not onsite.

Case Study: Airbnb Made Comfortable with Ductless in Boise

  • HVAC Contractor: Peppy Heating and Cooling (serving Boise, Nampa and surrounding Idaho locations)
  • Client Profile: An Airbnb Owner looking for a great comfort solution
  • Location: Boise Idaho 83702
  • Type of HVAC Service: 4 Outdoor units, 6 indoor wall mount ductless mini split heat pump system
  • System Type: Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Heat Pump System
  • Products Used: Three FS15 Hyper Heat one to one ductless heat pumps and one MXZSM42 Hyper Heat Multizone Ductless system with 3 heads
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Specific Challenges: Going more energy efficient by removing the old window ac units and the baseboard heaters
  • HVAC Features: High efficiency, low temperature heat pump system, with custom individual comfort for all the guests at the Airbnb
  • Rebates/Tax Credits: 25C $2000 tax credit
  • Warranty Description: 12-year parts and 12-year labor warranty
  • Maintenance Recommendations: Bi-annual maintenance and cleaning of indoor filters every 2-3 months. Joining Peppy Heating and Cooling’s Comfort Club for ongoing maintenance and peace of mind.

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The Challenge: Replacing Window AC Units, Electric Baseboard and Old Ductless Mini Split

Removing the window ac units that did not work very well and were very noisy for the guests. Also the electric baseboard heat is expensive to operate and did not provide a great heating solution. For the main house the removal of the old ductless mini split that had had some issues (not Mitsubishi) and getting something much more reliable.

The Solution: A Zoned Mitsubishi Hyper-heat (H2i®) Ductless System

Designing a 4 outdoor ductless mini split system and installing low-temperature Hyper-heat (H2i®) Mitsubishi outdoor units that can heat all the way down to -13F. We were able to remove the electric baseboard heaters and the window ac units and the Hyper-heat (H2i) system can keep the area comfortable year round! Also, by replacing the old non-Mitsubishi ductless system that had had issues in the past, with a Mitsubishi Hyper-heat (H2i), the customer received a top of the line ductless heat pump with a 12 year parts and 12 year labor warranty!

The Benefits: Lower Utility Bills and Greater Comfort

Lower cost of energy every month and a much more comfortable living area for the guests staying at the Airbnb.

Cost/Benefit Analysis: Energy Cost Savings Over the Long Term

The cost of the ductless mini split does have a higher upfront cost then keeping the baseboard electric heater and the window ac unit, obviously, but the long term energy savings, plus the tax credit, and of course the comfort for the Airbnb guests, made this project well worth it!

Summary of a Successful HVAC Installation

“This customer was looking to get a great comfort solution that she would not have to worry about, and also provide great comfort to her guests, with the 4 Ductless Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Heat Pump System, we were able to check off all the boxes on her list!
– Brett Shannon, President of Peppy Heating and Cooling

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