5 Head Cold Climate Ductless Heat Pump Installation Cascade Idaho

EF Designer Black Head for Living Room Cascade Idaho

“A great customer of ours was looking for a way to heat and cool their cabin in Cascade Idaho. It is a beautiful log cabin that had no air conditioning system and the source of heat was a fireplace and electric baseboard heat. Electric baseboard heat is expensive and the big fireplace took lots of wood and did not help heat all of the bedrooms and areas of the home. We were able to find the perfect solution for this home by installing a 5 head Hyper Heat Ductless Heat Pump system! The Hyper Heat Cold Climate heat pump can heat down to -13F and is the perfect solution for the cold Cascade Idaho winters.”

– Brett Shannon, President of Peppy Heating and Cooling

Case Study: 5 Head Cold Climate Ductless Heat Pump Installation Cascade Idaho

  • HVAC Contractor: Peppy Heating and Cooling (serving Cascade, Boise, Nampa and surrounding Idaho locations)
  • Client Profile: Current customer looking to heat and cool log cabin effectively and efficiently
  • Location: Cascade Idaho
  • Type of HVAC Service: 5 head ductless cold climate mini split heat pump system with 2 outdoor heads
  • System Type: Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Outdoor units with GL and EF Designer Indoor heads
  • Products Used: Mitsubishi MXZ-3C24NAHZ and MXZ-3C30NAHZ Outdoor units with GL wall mount and EF Black Designer wall mount heads
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Specific Challenges: Install ductless heads on the log walls and creating a solution that heated and cooled every room
  • HVAC Features: High efficiency custom room by room comfort solution
  • Rebates/Tax Credits: none
  • Warranty Description: 12-year parts
  • Maintenance Recommendations: Bi-annual cleaning by our Service Team, and homeowner cleans the filters every two months
Hyper Heat Outdoor Unit Cascade Idaho 1Hyper Heat Outdoor Unit Cascade Idaho 2Hyper Heat Outdoor Unit Cascade Idaho 3EF Designer Black Head for Living Room Cascade IdahoEF Designer Head for Dining Room Kitchen Area Cascade IdahoEF Designer Head Living Room Cascade IdahoGL Bedroom Unit Cascade Idaho 1-1GL Bedroom Unit Cascade Idaho 1-2GL Bedroom Unit Cascade Idaho 2-1GL Bedroom Unit Cascade Idaho 2-2GL Bedroom Unit Cascade Idaho 3-1GL Bedroom Unit Cascade Idaho 3-2

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The Challenge: Designing a System That Would Keep Each Area of the Cabin Comfortable Year-Round

Designing a system that would keep each area of the cabin comfortable, both in the summer and the winter. Installing the wall mount units in a way that looked good against the rough cut logs. We also went with a few of the Black EF Designer Mitsubishi indoor wall mount heads that look very nice against the rugged logs.

The Solution: A Cold Climate Multizone Ductless System with Hyper Heat Outdoor Units

Installing a Multizone ductless systems with Hyper Heat outdoor units, designed for Cold Climate conditions. We installed 3 GL white wall mount heads, one in each of the bedrooms, and then 2 EF Designer Black heads, one in the living room and one in the Kitchen/Dining Area. We also installed the outdoor units off the ground a few feet to ensure proper operation even during the winter when they often experience heavy snowfall.

The Benefits: Whole House Comfort At the Fraction of the Cost of a Conventional HVAC System

Whole house comfort at the fraction of the cost of running the electric baseboard heat or installing a ducted system. The units are quiet, dependable, efficient and provide amazing comfort any time they want to use their Cabin.

Cost/Benefit Analysis: Energy Cost Savings Over the Long Term

The cost to go with ductless, mixed with the amount of savings they would receive on energy savings, is substantial compared to going with an electric forced air furnace, or using the existing baseboard heat.

Summary of a Successful HVAC Installation

“The customer was able to find a whole house comfort solution that was efficient, durable and quiet! We were also able to install the Black EF designer heads that fit in very well with the rustic logs in the log cabin.
– Brett Shannon, President of Peppy Heating and Cooling

Homeowner’s Review

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