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Heat pumps are swiftly becoming a household favorite in Fruitland and throughout the broader Treasure Valley region. And with good reason… the increased comfort and incredibly energy efficiencies are just a few reasons that people are choosing heat pump technology for their homes and business.

“Experience unparalleled home comfort with heat pumps. These systems, whether traditional or ductless, promise substantial savings and unparalleled comfort. As a top HVAC contractor serving the Boise area, we’re thrilled to bring our expertise to Fruitland homeowners.”
~Brett Shannon, President Peppy Heating and Cooling

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Why Heat Pumps are a Game-Changer for Fruitland Homeowners

No Gas? More Savings.  Heat pumps operate electrically, eliminating the need for gas. They transfer heat from the chilly outdoors even at temperatures as low as -13F — a perfect fit for our local climate. Mitsubishi even has an extended temperature unit that is perfect for our area.

Dual Functionality in One Unit: Investing in a heat pump means having both heating and cooling capabilities. Say goodbye to purchasing separate furnaces and air conditioners because just unit does it all.

Advanced Technology for Maximum Comfort: Heat pump technology has come a long way, providing homes with high efficiency and comfort. Making the right investment today ensures many years of pleasant home experience.

Unbeatable Rebates with Heat Pumps: With the increasing push for energy efficiency, there are numerous rebates and incentives available for homeowners who opt for ductless heat pumps. Some homeowners have reported monthly utility bill savings of up to 50%. Many units are even ENERGY STAR® rated, further maximizing potential rebates. Our knowledgeable team will make sure you get every incentive that you qualify for.

Understanding Heat Pump Efficiency: Heat pumps stand out in the realm of energy efficiency. Their performance is gauged by the COP (Coefficient of Performance). A COP of 3.0, for instance, signifies that for every dollar’s worth of heat you receive, you spend only $0.33 on electricity. 

Ducted vs Ductless – Which One’s Best for Your Fruitland Home? 

  • Ductless Heat Pumps: Consider ductless when you don’t have ductwork, when you want to solve hot and cold spots, when you’re converting an attic, garage, or basement into living space. They can be configured as a single zone or multi zone system. Ductless is also a great solution when you want to improve your Indoor Air Quality because they do not force air through dirty duct work.
  • Ducted Systems: For those with existing ducts, you can modernize your furnace with a ducted heat pump to get both heating and cooling benefits with incredible energy savings.
  • Blend the Best of Both: Combine the strengths of ducted and ductless systems, tailoring your heating and cooling experience to specific areas in your home. Our heat pump experts can provide options.

Comfort Tip: Always opt for the most energy-efficient heat pump you can afford. While a higher efficiency unit will have a higher initial cost upfront, it’s important to consider the total cost of ownership which will take into consideration the savings in monthly utility bills.

We offer the Best HVAC Brands backed by our Stellar Service:
American Standard: We trust American Standard for their reliability and top-notch heat pumps, many of which are ENERGY STAR® rated. American Standard has a broad range of high efficiency heating and cooling products.

Mitsubishi Mini Splits: Renowned for pioneering advanced climate control systems, Mitsubishi Mini Splits lead the way in efficiencies and technology. Mitsubishi is a trusted brand in the Boise area, encompassing Nampa, Meridian, and beyond.

Join our Comfort Club for value-packed services and preemptive solutions for your heating and cooling needs.

Heat Pump FAQs:

Q: Is Fruitland suited for heat pumps?
A: Absolutely! With technological advancements, heat pumps are the go-to HVAC solution for most of Idaho, including Fruitland.

Q: Are heat pumps efficient?
Certainly. Operating on electricity, heat pumps transfer heat, ensuring year-round home comfort while being highly efficient.

Q: Can I get discounts on a new furnace?
Of course! Comfort Club members enjoy exclusive benefits, including equipment discounts.

Q: Are there Financing a heat pump?

A: We offer multiple financing options, ensuring a comfortable home now with a beneficial ROI later.

Ready to upgrade your home heating and cooling system? If you live in Fruitland and the Treasure Valley area, heat pumps are an ideal choice. Ready for a transformation? Trust Peppy Heating for timely and effective solutions. Schedule a FREE consultation.

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Jeff Rados
Jeff Rados
January 24, 2024.
We had an emergency (heater quit)! Peppys came out during sub zero temps and a snow storm! (We live in the mountains) Thank you so much!! I wasn’t in town at the time, but my wife said they were very helpful and very courteous. Highly recommend!
Ben Ohashi
Ben Ohashi
January 23, 2024.
I've had Peppy do several jobs for me across multiple properties and that should tell you everything you need to know. They're reliable, trustworthy, and great to work with.
Isaac Bostrom
Isaac Bostrom
January 19, 2024.
Awesome response time and great work from Alex/Brett. Would definitely recommend them to anyone, and like their concept with their "maintenance membership."
Terry Srodawa
Terry Srodawa
January 18, 2024.
Excellent service, showed up in a timely slot, given, answered all my questions and concerns. Would recommend them to anyone.
Pat Burton
Pat Burton
January 17, 2024.
Cody was very professional and friendly. Appreciated the call so I could meet him at my house,
Joel Rogers
Joel Rogers
January 5, 2024.
Lost power to my system and woke up to my house at 59 degrees. Peppy sent out a technician that afternoon and got it fixed. Everyone from the receptionist to the technician was great to deal with. I would highly recommend this company and will be using them in the future.
Daniel Vellotti
Daniel Vellotti
January 2, 2024.
Really great job you guys. Shout out to Alec for walking us through the process of setting up our Mitsubishi mini-split, and the install team that completed the job in one day - as promised. Cheers! Update: The folks over at Peppy’s continue to rock! Juan came over to service our furnace today. He was kind and polite, and very professional. He explained options in a straightforward manner. Would give more stars if I could!!
December 28, 2023.
Very detailed and excellent communication! Arrived when they said they would. Took his time to explain how things worked. Would recommend!
Steve Collard
Steve Collard
December 20, 2023.
Shanco just installed a ductless mini split system to help cool down our sun facing upstairs. Our problem was that the only way to cool down the upstairs was to be very cold on the ground floor. Shanco solved this problem quickly and very professionally. I was super happy with the way they handled this job and would highly recommend them.

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