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“The most important day of your new furnace or air conditioner is the day it gets installed, which is why you want our team of trained and certified technicians.”

~Brett Shannon, President Peppy Heating and Cooling

Nobody Preps Like The Peppy Techs! Did you know? Most equipment failures can be traced back to an improper installation. It’s exactly why you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best. Proper installation ensures your equipment will run at the stated performance level and gives you peace of mind.

~Did you inherit your furnace or AC when you purchased your home?
~Is your HVAC system more than 12 years old?
~Has your living environment changed due to a remodel or more people living in your home?

If so, it’s time to consider a new heating and cooling system.

Don’t go it alone! There is a time to do it yourself and a time to trust a HVAC PRO.  Installing a new furnace, heat pump, ductless system or central air conditioner is a time to trust a trained and certified heating and cooling contractor.

There is a reason that even industry pros get ongoing training and certification, that’s because a lot can go wrong without proper knowledge and skill. Our technicians receive extensive, ongoing training and certification so you can be guaranteed a proper installation of your heating and cooling equipment.

The first step is properly sized equipment.  Before you plan to install a new system, you must make sure to have the right unit matched to your home. You’d be surprised to know that many well-intended sales people thing “bigger is better” and nothing could be further from the truth. Both over-sizing and under-sizing of equipment are big problems you must avoid.

We’ll make sure to do a proper load calculation so that you get the right fit for your home. We’ll make sure to give you options and we’ll recommend the right product to match your needs.  You’ll get peace of mind knowing that we have the following items under control and are prepared to handle any issue should it arise.

  • Sizing Issues: Most home owners assume that their old furnace or air conditioner was the correct size for their home. However; we find that old furnaces and air conditioners are over-sized and sometimes under-sized for the home.
  • Gas Leaks: Attaching the new furnace to gas lines if easier said than done. Properly attaching the furnace to e gas line requires care to avoid a dangerous gas leak.
  • Carbon Monoxide Leaks: When a furnace is installed improperly, the potential for carbon monoxide leaks increases dramatically. This can happen when the furnace flue is not installed properly.
  • Leaky Duct Work: Many homes experience up to 30% loss of heating or cooling due to leaky duct work. Our assessment of your home will identify and fix leaks, which may lead us to recommending a less expensive furnace or AC.
  • Furnace or AC Doesn’t Work: If you don’t install the furnace correctly, it may not run. There could be many possibilities including: duct-sizing, flue installation, control wiring, that will effect operation. A heating contractor will make sure it is running correctly by performing a proper start up and test procedure.

Let the comfort continue with BIG savings from our Comfort Club.  Now that you have a new heating and cooling system, the next thing you can do is to make sure to have a plan to keep it healthy and working at peak performance.

We have a great option to keep you on track with tending to your home comfort. Our Comfort Club gives you peace of mind with a program that gives you priority scheduling as well as great discounts.  You choose just $20.50 per month or $249 for the entire year and get these great benefits:

15% off all repairs and accessories

$100 credit toward a new system EVERY YEAR you are a member

No Contract

Includes 2 detailed maintenance per year on your HVAC System

Priority Scheduling

Get peace of mind

Find and resolve small issues before they become big expensive issues

Increase the efficiency of your HVAC system

Protect your investment and extend the life of your furnace and AC

Your Partner in Comfort. We believe the more you know about your home comfort system, the more comfortable you’ll feel with us. Doing the right thing in is our mantra from start to finish.

HVAC Installation FAQs

Q: How will I know which furnace or AC to purchase?
 We’ll help with that. Homes come in all shapes and sizes so it’s important to match the right equipment to your home and to the inhabitants of your home. We’ll do a thorough evaluation and provide options for you. We recommend you purchase the highest efficiency you can afford to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Q: Which brand should I choose?
We chose American Standard for their reputation of dependability and reliability. They have a broad product assortment of furnaces, heat pumps and central air conditioners. We chose Mitsubishi for our Ductless Mini Split systems as they are considered the leading source for ductless solutions.

Q: Do I need to maintain my HVAC equipment?
Absolutely! There are 2 main things every home owner should do to participate in your optimal comfort. The first is regularly schedule maintenance – at least once a year for your furnace and AC. The second is to make to regularly change your air filters. We’ll recommend a schedule based on your many factors including how many people live in the home, how many pets and whether or not you have someone with allergies or asthma in your home.

Get Peace of Mind with our HVAC techs who always bring an upbeat attitude along with their knowledge and expertise. Get a FREE consultation, just give us a call.

Ready for a furnace or AC replacement? Go to bed comfortable tonight because you can expect Hoppin’ Good Service from your first call to the final installation of your new heating and cooling system. 

Peppy Heating and Cooling is based in Boise, Idaho and serves the entire treasure valley area including Nampa, Meridian, Eagle, and Caldwell.
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