Why Shanco Chose To Sell Mitsubishi Mini Splits

Why Shanco Chose to Sell Mitsubishi Mini Splits Exclusively

Why Shanco Chose To Sell Mitsubishi Mini Splits Exclusively

Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor Boise Idaho

So we chose to become a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor and to exclusively sell Mitsubishi Products because we truly believe that they are the leaders in the Ductless Heat Pump market.  You know, there’s a lot of other brands out there that we could have installed, but really, we install Mitsubishi and only Mitsubishi for quite a few reasons. One of the biggest reasons is their local tech support. We’re always putting our technicians through local training person, one-on-one training with the technical people from Mitsubishi. Also, they are always coming out with new and better products to help suit our customers. They recently came out with a unit that instead of being on the wall is a slim unit that’s in the ceiling, which, you know, we sell almost as many as those as we do as the normal wall units. We really don’t have any issues with their units once they’re installed. And really, once they start running, they don’t quit. So we’re very, very happy to, to be able to partner with them. So the best thing to do is to reach out to us today and we can come out in person, and you can find out why going with SHANCO and Mitsubishi is the best choice for your family and your home.

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