Why Does My Furnace Need Maintenance

Why Does My Furnace Need Maintenance

Why Does My Furnace Need Maintenance?

(00:00) Maintenance on your furnace is so important because one of the biggest things we see especially when we start getting into this colder season is furnaces not working properly because of dirty filters or they the flame sensor the thing that senses the flame isn’t clean or replaced properly maintenance is just a good way before it gets too cold to catch any issues so when it does get cold you’re not stuck in the cold and we want to make sure that your system’s clean it’s running as efficient as possible and then also you
(00:31) know furnaces they have natural gas going to them everything like that we want to make sure it’s safe for you and your family going into the season where they’re going to be running often so you don’t have any issues or last minute decisions that you have to make when it’s really cold but yeah we like to provide the maintenance at a reasonable cost so that we can make sure that you’re good to go for the winter and and get you into the next season one of the best things to keep your furnace and air
(00:53) conditioner running at Peak Performance is joining our peppy Comfort club we come out twice a year you get a hundred dollars per year you’re a member with us towards a new system when that time finally comes and we clean the system go through it make recommendations everything like that to make sure that you’re good to go so yeah we highly recommend our happy Comfort club which is $20.50 a month or $249 for the year, so it’s a really really great value.

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