Inflation Reduction Act Nampa Idaho

Inflation Reduction Act HVAC Tax Credit Nampa Idaho

Does your Nampa home qualify for Inflation Reduction Act HVAC Tax Credits? 

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There is plenty of good news for Nampa Idaho residents who upgrade their home heating and cooling with a modern high efficiency Heat Pump or Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump.

You could qualify for the IRA Heat Pump Tax Credits and Rebates via the Inflation Reduction Act.  This bill encourages homes and businesses to adopt more eco-friendly HVAC solutions for their home heating and cooling.

High energy efficiency is the name of the game with the new bill. And nothing says energy efficiency like a heat pump! Heat pumps are growing in popularity across the nation and especially in the Treasure Valley, which is great news for Nampa homeowners as well as the surrounding areas of Payette, Emmet and Fruitland.

What’s so great about heat pumps?

Many homeowners report savings of up to 50% with a Heat Pump System. And a heat pump can both heat and cool your home, so you’ll enjoy year-round comfort with just one unit. Gone are the days of needing to buy and maintain 2 systems: a furnace and air conditioner. Today just one heat pump can do it all.

Who qualifies for the HVAC IRA Rebates?

Homeowners who make smart energy choices and install high energy efficient windows, doors, air conditioners, heating systems and water heaters. They’ll enjoy HUGE savings in the form of tax credits.  HVAC rebates, in the form of tax credits, are designed to make it easy for Nampa homeowners to upgrade their aging furnace or air conditioner with a modern high-efficiency system.

Is your heating and cooling equipment more than 10 years old?

It could be the perfect time to invest in an energy efficient, eco-friendly replacement. Many systems are ENERGY STAR® rated and can help reduce your monthly energy bill. Many homeowners report savings of up to 50%.

Ducted or Ductless? 

We’re sure we’re going to increase your home comfort and provide options for ducted solutions and solve many problems with a ductless heat pump.  Mitsubishi even has a system that combines the two technologies together.

American Standard leads the way with a broad selection of high energy efficient heat pumps. As a Customer Care Dealer we provide a FREE and thorough evaluation of your home. And we always provide options.

Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor.  We’re proud to have earned this status. Peppy Heating and Cooling is the only Elite contractor serving the Boise area. That means that we’re trusted to the highest level by America’s leading brand of Mini Split Heat Pumps.

Hire an HVAC contractor with credentials! 

Most importantly, an approved contractor must install your hvac system upgrades. A qualified Inflation Reduction Act HVAC contractor is going to make sure to match the right equipment to your needs, they’ll find proper product placement of your ductless system and will ensure a professional installation so you can enjoy years of home comfort.

HVAC Financing Options

In addition to rebates and incentives, we’ll help you with financing options. We have a variety of programs available to you. We always recommend that you buy the highest energy efficient heat pump you can afford. Financing options make it easy to do so.

It’s easy to find out if you qualify for the Inflation Reduction Act Heat Pump Rebates. We’ll go over all your options and also help you consider the total cost of ownership. Buying a higher efficiency system will be more expensive up front but will also save on your monthly energy bills which is why it’s important to look at the big picture before deciding.

Get expert advice from our team of cheerful and experienced techs. We’ve earned the credentials and are a Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor, American Standard Customer Care Dealer and recognized nationally as a Ductless All-Star. We’re prompt. We’re prepared. We’re Peppy Heating and Cooling.

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