Beautiful Barn Conversion Made Comfortable with Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps Donnelly Idaho

Mar 31, 20240 comments

Natural Gas to Electricity Full Conversion Boise Idaho

Beautiful Barn Conversion Made Comfortable with Ductless Heat Pumps

“A beautiful barn was being converted into livable space and needed a way to keep it comfortable. There was no room for ducting, but that was no problem! We installed 6)Mitsubishi EF Designer heads, that matched the stylish decore and also will provide great comfort throughout the whole year. We installed 2) Black EF designer heads in the main area, and 4 individual White EF designer heads for the back rooms. For the outdoor heat pumps, we installed 2) 36k Mitsubishi HyperHeating Heat Pump units with Branch boxes. “

– Brett Shannon, President Peppy Heating and Cooling

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Project Info:


Barn Conversion



2 days

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6 Indoor Wall Mount Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Installation




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