2 Zone Ductless Hyper Heat Installation in McCall Idaho Condo

Feb 26, 20240 comments

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2 Zone Ductless Hyper Heat Installation in McCall Idaho Condo

2 Zone Ductless Hyper Heat Installed in McCall Condo

“The customer currently had electric heat and the cost to heat the home in the winter was very high! They also did not have any air conditioning. The installation of the 2 head Hyper Heat Ductless system fixed both of these issues! The condo is located in a cold climate part of Idaho, and even with the low temperatures they experience, the Hyper Heat ductless heat pump can heat the condo with no problem!
Being that the unit is at a Condo Complex, there was not a way to install the outdoor unit anywhere except for on the deck. The unit is very quiet so it will not be a bother in the warmer months when they like to sit out on the deck. This is also the second Mitsubishi Ductless system that we have installed for this customer. The first one was at their primary home in Boise, and this was for their cabin in McCall!

– Brett Shannon, President Peppy Heating and Cooling

Hyper-Heat Outdoor Unit on Deck McCall IdahoGl09 Head for Bedroom McCall IdahoGl15 Indoor Head for Main Area McCall Idaho

Project Info:


McCall Condo Owner



1 day

Project Type

2 Zone Ductless Mini


MXZ-2C20NAHZ Outdoor unit, GS15 Indoor head, GS09 Indoor head


“Luke, Chase and Rob were awesome to work with on our mini split purchase and Install. Very customer focused. This is our second mini split purchase/install with Peppy. Highly recommend.”
– McCall Idaho Condo Owner