Who Is The Ductless Guy in Boise Idaho?

Who Is the Ductless Guy in Boise Idaho

Who Is The Ductless Guy in Boise Idaho?
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So we’ve really in the last couple of years have started to be known as The Ductless Guy in Boise. And I think really the reason for that is we’ve really put in the time to train and research, and we’ve really installed a lot of these ductless mini split products, especially on the Mitsubishi side. You know, we often go into homes where maybe they’ve had a couple, uh, other contractors come in and they’re wanting to, you know, fix these uncomfortable rooms or maybe they just had an addition done. And, you know, so they say, Hey, we’ll just run a duct work, you know, a piece of duct work out there and try to heat it and cool it that way. Well, the original system probably wasn’t designed for that area. So, you know, we’re able to come in and, and really offer ductless and, and create a much better solution.

So that’s kind of why we’ve, we’ve started to get that, that name of The Ductless Guy. You know, we’ve, we’ve got almost three hundred Google reviews and if you read those, a lot of them are mentioning what we’ve been able to do with a ductless system, in the home. And also another thing just to keep in mind when you’re going ductless is to make sure that you hire the right ductless contractor. That’s so important, you need someone that really knows the product because it’s not really like just the old style of heating and air conditioning system that we’re all used to. It’s a lot more complicated than that. And you really want to make sure that who you hire knows what they’re doing. Kind of the most important things that we take care of is that we match the right product for your home.

That’s so important because if you don’t have the right equipment that’s matched to your home, then you’re not going to get year round comfort. And it’s not going to do what it needs to do. Another big thing we do is find the right placement in your home for the indoor heads. And we also have a lot of different heads, through Mitsubishi that we can offer. It’s not just the wall mounted unit that, you know, have been around for a while. We’ve got ceiling mounts, we’ve got ones that are concealed, everything like that. And the last, the third thing is that we ensure a professional installation and we’re not going to leave until you are happy with our install and we’re installing it. The Mitsubishi technical team has taught us to install it for longevity and for quality. So just remember the most important day of the ductless system is the day that it gets installed. We do everything correctly, so you can enjoy years of comfort. So I invite you to give us a call to find out if a Ductless Heat Pump is right for you.

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