What Does a Heat Pump Look Like… UGLY?

What Does A Heat Pump Look Like

What Does a Heat Pump Look Like? – Are They Always Ugly?

(00:00) we often hear I really like the idea of having a ductless heat pump in my house but I don’t want that big thing on my wall sticking out you know maybe my wife’s not gonna like it or my husband’s gonna think it’s ugly you know you can’t have that so I guess we’re not going to get one you don’t have to worry we have some really great options we have a one-way ceiling cassette that actually goes right into the ceiling and you only see like about an inch of it that looks very modern and classy we also have
(00:25) systems that are concealed that go above the ceiling um in certain applications so if you’re worried about what it’s going to look like with a wall mounted unit sticking out don’t worry we have other solutions that we can get you that same great comfort and you won’t have to look at a head on the wall if that’s not what you want.

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