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Before Buying a New Furnace Know This

“Today’s furnaces are substantially more efficient when compared to even 10 years ago. Which is why it’s so important to understand furnace types and match the furnace to the needs of the homeowner. ”
~Brett Shannon, President Peppy Heating and Cooling

Your Furnace Buying Guide

If it’s time to buy a new furnace, it’s time to learn how to choose the best one for your home. Whether you’re looking for electric, gas, or other furnace options, we can help!

A furnace breathes life into your home. It’s the main reason we stay comfortable during the colder months. Furnaces have advanced in technology and today there are many choices so it’s important to understand what makes one furnace different from another.

Efficiency Levels of Furnaces

Let’s talk efficiency. Furnaces vary depending on their efficiency level. Some people are looking to upgrade an older furnace. If it’s 20 years old, it’s probably only running at about 60-70% efficiency. Today’s furnaces offer 80% and many run as high as 97% which is ultra-efficient.

Keep in mind that the higher the efficiency, the lower your monthly utility bill will be since they reduce the amount of fuel needed to heat your home.  Many furnaces are ENERGY STAR® rated and may qualify for rebates and incentives.

Types of Furnaces You Can Buy

Now let’s talk about stages: single stage furnaces, two stage furnaces and modulating furnaces:

  • Single Stage Furnaces are the most basic type of furnace. They operate on a simple on-off mechanism, which means that they are either 100% on or 100% off. This system provides the least amount of comfort and can cause swings in temperature. Single stage furnaces are also less efficient than other types of furnaces, making them the least popular choice for homeowners. And you can hear them ‘kick on’ and ‘kick off’.
  • Two Stage Furnaces are more advanced than single stage furnaces. They start at about 50% of capacity and then ramp up to 100% of capacity if needed. This provides greater comfort and reduces swings in temperature. They are also more efficient than single stage furnaces, especially during the in-between seasons.
  • Modulating Furnaces are the most advanced and efficient type of furnace. They have multiple speeds and create just the right amount of heat to warm your home. This means that they provide the most comfortable heating experience and are the most energy efficient. They also help reduce wear and tear on your furnace, which can extend its lifespan. Modulating furnaces are the most expensive type of furnace, but they offer the best value in terms of comfort and efficiency.

Fan Types also vary in furnaces. The types of fans they use to move air throughout the ductwork. There are three types of fans:

  • PSC Motors are found in older furnaces. They run at a single speed and cannot adjust to different heating needs. They are the least expensive type of fan but also the least efficient.
  • X-13 Motors Newer base model furnaces have X-13 motors that are slightly variable and more efficient than PSC motors. They provide greater comfort and can adjust to changing heating needs. X-13 motors are more expensive than PSC motors but are more efficient and provide better comfort.
  • ECM Blower Motors are the found-on top-of-the-line furnaces. ECM blower motors can ramp up and down and have multiple speeds. These motors are the most energy-efficient and provide the most comfort of all the different types of motors. ECM blower motors are the most expensive type of fan, but they offer the best value in terms of comfort and efficiency.

Choosing the right furnace for your home is important so you can be comfortable and reduce energy consumption. Understanding efficiency levels, types of furnaces and fan types will help you before making a final decision. With the right furnace in place, you can enjoy a warm and comfortable home for years to come.

Buy the highest energy efficiency furnace

Make sure to consider the total cost of ownership; this means considering how much it will cost you to run your furnace every month. Although a high efficiency furnace is more expensive up front, it can provide big savings monthly.  Simply put, a furnace with lower efficiency will cost you more money to operate which is why you want to consider the highest efficiency available.  The higher the efficiency, the greater the savings. Learn about high efficiency furnaces 

We chose American Standard heating and cooling products because of their reputation of reliability and dependability. They are a leading and well-known brand of heating and cooling equipment. They offer high quality and high efficiency furnaces; many are ENERGY STAR® rated.

Remember to join the Comfort Club.

We deliver insane value in our Comfort Club, a great way to stay ahead of any trouble with your heating and cooling system is to have a plan in place ahead of time.  Discover these great benefits.


Q: What is an AFUE rating?

A: AFUE stands for annualized fuel utilization efficiency. An AFUE rating is the measurement for efficiency, it reflects how much heat is produced for every dollar spent. The higher AFUE rating a furnace has, the lower the amount the homeowner should spend on fuel. Ideally, you want a furnace with an AFUE rating in the ’90s because these are the most fuel-efficient furnaces. However, it’s important to note that as the efficiency level goes up so does the initial investment.

Q: Which furnace is right for you?

A: Make sure to get expert advice from our professional HVAC technicians who will do a thorough in-home evaluation of your needs. Not all homes are created equal, and you’ll need to make sure to get a furnace matched to your needs. We’ll address any concerns about your old system and always provide options. While there, it probably makes sense to speak about your cooling system as well.

Q: Are there discounts available on a new furnace?

A: Yes, members of our Comfort Club get discounts off new equipment.

Q: Do you have furnace financing options available?

A: Yes. And we’ll provide you options for financing as well. We recommend investing in the highest efficiency furnace rather than settling for the furnace you can afford. Financing allows you to get maximum home comfort while enjoying a return on your investment over time.

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