Do Whole House Ductless Systems Make Sense?

Does a Whole House Ductless System Make Sense in Boise Idaho

Whole House Ductless Systems

Some of our clients ask if Ductless Heat Pump works as a whole house heating and cooling solution. And the answer is most definitely – Yes! Ductless is a versatile system. One of my favorite stories is we had a, a customer and he moved into this house, and he had ductwork and everything like that, in place already with, with a furnace in his utility room. And he said, oh man, it’s just, you know, as soon as we moved in, it’s bothering my wife. It’s so noisy when she’s sitting in there. And I, I just don’t know what to do. I don’t, I don’t want it in there. We can’t move it to the garage. What should I do? So I said, well, we have the perfect solution for you. Let’s go with the ductless system. So after spending a few minutes with him talking about how really, he can have his master bedroom, a certain temperature, his office, a certain temperature, his workout room, a certain temperature, and even put a unit in his garage so that he can go out into his garage and do whatever he wants.

And the great thing is that one outdoor unit can heat and cool for up to eight indoor units. So it’s a pretty great system. And we have so many different stories like that where people have, you know, gone from that ducted system to a full system of ductless heating and air conditioning. So another thing, is new construction too. People are starting to be a little bit more energy conscious and going with solar and solar and ductless really go hand in hand. and so we’ve been really starting to do more new construction stuff with Ductless Mini Split systems, where we’re going in there, putting the heads in and people have been very, very excited and happy about that. So, you know, and you don’t have to do the whole house that way, but we do definitely recommend it. And it’s a really great option to go with, you know, as just one unit, does it all. So yes, that is what’s so great about ductless. This is that it’s versatile and it’s flexible. So you can use it on one room, one area or the whole house. So take me up on our offer of a free consultation and see why we are known as the ductless guys in Boise and see why SHANCO and Mitsubishi are ready to help.

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