Choosing To Go Ductless Gaining Popularity In Boise

Choosing to Go Ductless in Boise Idaho

Why Choosing To Go Ductless In Boise Makes Sense

Ductless heating and cooling is gaining so much popularity in Boise because it’s a more modern way to heat and cool your home. What makes ductless so great? The number one reason is going to be the increased comfort it offers. We have a lot of homes in the Boise area that have two levels. Summertime upstairs is unbearable. Can’t sleep. You can’t go up there. You have family over; they can’t stay because the guest room is too hot, but with a ductless system, we can actually put a ductless system upstairs and even put one downstairs (known as zonal heating and cooling). They’re good for one room, or the whole house, one area, or many areas – a ductless mini split does it all. And even if you don’t have two story Boise home, if you have just a one story, every house has hot and cold spots in it.

Maybe it’s a master bedroom, maybe, maybe it’s even, you know, the garage that you’d like to use as more than just a garage, maybe multipurpose it into a workout area or a workshop. And with ductless, you can, you can really do that. Another reason why a lot of people in Boise are going the ductless route, is for adding living space. If you’ve got a mother-in-law suite or, or even a shed in the backyard that you’re wanting to heat and cool so that you can use it year round, it’s time to ‘go ductless’.

As you know local residents know, Boise’s climate is a great example of a climate that requires both heating and air conditioning as well, because we do have those hot summers and those cool winters. So you’re really maximizing efficiency and savings using that ductless system throughout the year. And one of the best parts about it in our area, is that it’s really affordable for all budgets because we do offer 0% financing. Also, there’s a lot of rebates available, with some really good rebates available through Idaho power. So, to sum up, there are some really great reasons for going ductless.

What’s next? I’d recommend just giving us a call and once you reach out to SHANCO Heating & Air and we can come out, give you a free consultation and answer all your questions about how easy it is to have a brand new ductless heating and cooling system installed in your Boise Idaho home.

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Brett Shannon
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“Mini-split heat pumps have been used around the world for many years. But they have been gaining in popularity in the United States in recent years because of their energy efficiency, size, ease of installation and the ability to zone the different areas of the house.”