All About Residential Air Conditioner Replacement

Residential Air Conditioner

We know how miserable the warm season can be with an air conditioner that does not work well or at all. AC replacement is not a fun topic, but a necessary one. As experts in the Boise and surrounding areas, we will talk all about residential air conditioner replacement to make it easier.

1. When Do I Need a New Air Conditioner?

Many air conditioners can last for 10 to 15 years. However, a number of factors will affect your AC’s lifespan. These include make and model, usage, average temperature, number of occupants in the home (including pets), number of smokers in the home, and the quality and quantity of the AC maintenance. Any of these factors can affect the lifespan of your cooling unit by years. The good news is many cooling units come with warranties that can last up to 10 years and beyond. Be sure to check your warranty if you suspect you need to replace your AC.

2. Repair vs. Replace

In some cases, it makes more sense to repair an AC rather than replace it. However, at some point every AC has to be replaced. You will notice yours is at the end of its lifespan if it begins to break down more often. Another sign is your unit may be working harder to keep your home cool. You may have a major component fail on your air conditioning unit. The cost to replace it may be comparable to the purchase of a new unit. We recommend getting several estimates from qualified professionals in your area before making such a major decision for your home.

3. How to Install an Air Conditioner

We never recommend you attempt to replace or install a new air conditioner on your own. Just about every new HVAC unit sold today comes with a complex warranty. Many companies state that the warranty is only valid if the unit is installed by a certified professional. The same can go for any repairs and maintenance tasks. For example, we at Shanco are certified when it comes to installing, replacing, and repairing American Standard air conditioners, heat pumps, and more. You can read more information regarding their basic warranty on their products by clicking here. For example, if your cooling unit breaks down during the warranty period, they will pay one of their certified repair men to repair it, as well as provide the part.

Residential Air Conditioner Replacement for Boise

Finally, give us a call first if you are interested in a residential air conditioner replacement for your home. We also perform replacement and installation services for new buildings, commercial properties, and more. Our expertise allows us to help you select the right cooling and HVAC unit for your residence’s needs. We can also maintain and repair these systems while maintaining their warranties. Feel free to contact us if you live in the Boise area and need a professional estimate on AC replacement, repair, installation, or related service.