3 Biggest Mistakes Boise Idaho Homeowners Are Making

3 Biggest Mistakes Boise Idaho Homeowners Are Making

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Boise Idaho Homeowners Are Making

(00:00) the three biggest mistakes we see homeowners making in the Boise area is not replacing their filter and so the system’s not able to breathe not scheduling their annual maintenance and maybe the biggest thing is waiting too long when they maybe hear something not quite right with the furnace or they’ve noticed hey it’s not keeping up the way it’s supposed to and then they wait too long with something that could have been prevented you know has now ended up to be a costly mistake so basically those
(00:26) three things make sure you’re replacing your filter make sure you’re scheduling your annual maintenance and then make sure if you notice anything that’s not quite right with the system give us a call we can talk to one of our technicians or we can come out take a look at it and make sure that it’s not something that we can just take care of while it’s small before it becomes a big issue so a few things that homeowners would want to give us a call for is a loud noise from a motor maybe a smell
(00:49) that you’re not familiar with that seems to be coming from the air vents maybe you’ve noticed that it’s taking longer for your house to heat up and it’s it just doesn’t seem to be keeping up the way it used to you just notice that you haven’t had it maintenanced in a while and you want to make sure that you’re good to go for the for the upcoming season so those things are really good things to keep an eye out for and and to prevent being left out in the cold.

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